Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Burnley, Lancashire

350px_LG_ARTCOOLMirror Planned preventive maintenance (PPM) is regular, scheduled work carried out to keep equipment in good working order and to optimise its efficiency and accuracy. The primary goal of preventive maintenance is to reduce the possibility of equipment failure before it actually occurs. It is designed to preserve and enhance equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail.

This activity involves regular, routine cleaning, lubricating, testing, calibrating and adjusting, checking for wear and tear and eventually replacing components to avoid breakdown. The resource and extensive training of our staff ensure that equipment is operated at optimum efficiency and plant life expectancy is extended to maximum potential.

After determining what is to be done, the frequency of the task must be decided. A heavily used air conditioning unit in a server room must be cleaned and checked more frequently than one which is used less often. The frequency suggested in the manufacturer’s manual can be used as a guide, but the actual usage of the air conditioning should determine the maintenance procedure required.

168px_fujitsu-split-system-air-conditioners2[1]Key Objectives of planned preventive air conditioning maintenance contracts:

Longevity of life

Money saving and energy efficiency

Optimising up time

Improving staff efficiency, comfort and air quality

Comply with current F-Gas legislation

Reduce the risk of breakdowns or replacement costs

J-Tech Air Con Services provides full service of all types of air conditioning to the highest standard. Our full service comprises of the following:

General Maintenance work, detailed inspection, test and cleaning of systems.

Each visit will be completed with an engineer’s report and recommendations. Any recommendations or remedial work reported will be quoted for and discussed with the client.

Priority scheduling of service or repair calls. Scheduled maintenance visits at times suitable for each client (i.e. schools air conditioning maintenance visits scheduled during out of term periods).


Should you experience and air conditioning breakdown or if your air con unit requires a repair contact us. We have years of experience in system breakdowns and fault diagnostics.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our Air Conditioning Maintenance and breakdown services, J-Tech Air Con Services offers great value maintenance contracts. Please ring for a no obligation quotation.

JTech Aircon Services provide Air conditioning installation, breakdown and maintenance services & maintenance contracts

FGas Complaince and registration, energy assessments, TM44 Inspections in Burnley, Lancashire and the North West.