Cost Effective Air Conditioning and Heating Rentals!

J-Tech ACS Ltd has heaps of experience in providing Air Conditioning Rentals in Burnley to each of our customers, wherever and whenever the customer needs them.

Our air conditioner rental units in Burnley, provide temporary and contingency services in a huge range of locations from major business conferences to industrial workplaces such as mines and construction tunnels. As well as supplying air conditioning hire for offices, schools, waiting rooms and other public areas such as receptions, showrooms, events and exhibitions, retail outlets, restaurants and kitchens, medical centres and hospitals.

Eco Frirendly Air Conditioning Rentals

As well as one of our thorough site assessments we always provide air conditioning rental which is as eco-friendly as possible by dedicating a huge amount of time and effort researching the most current and efficient units available.

From our base in Lancashire we are able to provide air conditioners, evaporative coolers, chillers and fans on a rental basis to the whole of the UK, no matter how long the time frame maybe. All rental deliveries are quick and efficient and run 24/7.