The cold has finally hit us, so it is now essential that offices and workplaces are heated to keep warm in the coming months. Thankfully, here at J-Tech Aircon we are able to provide Portable Heaters for Hire. We have a huge range of heaters that are guaranteed to keep your business warm this winter  including; Direct, Indirect, Radiant and Site & Office heaters. So no matter your needs, J-Tech Aircon’s Portable Heater Hire service can help you keep warm.

Direct Heaters:

Direct Heaters are ideally used to provide a huge amount of warm area in environments such as warehouses, factories and halls. They are the most suitable in well ventilated areas, this is because the heating adds moisture to the air during the combustion process. However, they are not suitable for drying applications or in an area where a rise of humidity could cause damage to stored materials.


Indirect Heaters:

Indirect Heaters are ideal for places that require large volumes of clean warm dry air such as halls, marquees and areas that a lot of people gather together. They are also ideal for places that have bad ventilation as well as being suited to dry buildings during construction or just after a flood this is because they help to raise the temperature without raising the relative humidity.


Radiant Heaters:

Radiant Heaters emit infra-red heat that projects a very intense heat up to 6 meters. This infra-red ray doesn’t warm the air directly, it warms up objects such as people, tables or even the floor. These Heaters are ideal for shops, garages and hospitals this being because they are fume free and odorless.


Site & Office Heaters:

Site & Office Heaters are highly cost-effective and extremely efficient heaters that are designed for use in heating offices, site huts and domestic rooms. They are lightweight, portable and easy to position anywhere in the room.

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